Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scientology Security Guard Flap

As is common these days in the United States a protest of Scientology was held outside one of its more fan fare events where they were to christian a new "Ideal Organization". An Ideal Organization is one which is said to be the perfect environment for all Scientologists and any "raw public" to come and discover more about the faith. The buildings while boasting all different sorts of external masonry are all completely identical on the inside which is where the term "Ideal" comes from.

Anywho, outside the latest opening of their "Nashville" Idea Organization, Hayes Security guards hired by the Church of Scientology Nashville accosted a pint sized teenager demonstrating a full four hundred yards away from the event ultimately trampling him to the floor and illegally detaining him. The good folks over at the NBC chapter in Nashville have picked up on this atrocity and are making a case for a law suit and illegal detention featuring Hayes Security and Scientology which is sure to make any PBA hired lawyer wince. Oh, did I mention that three of the five security guards were acting illegally because they are off-duty uniformed officers who did not properly identify themselves? Good, neither did the guards :)


About Scientology:

Founded in 1951 by Science Fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology has a fellowship of a few hundred thousand world wide whose members ultimately are accepted to take a leap of faith into believing there was an intergalactic holocaust on our planet some seventy five million years ago. Scientology is largely based on or directly inspired by the "non-ficticious" works of L. Ron Hubbard.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scientology at odds with Child Protective Services?

Someone submitted this to me this morning in my inbox, I thought it was quaint and spoke for itself. Apparently the mouth-piece organization Scientology uses to promote "Religious Freedom" is now condemning Child Protective Services or "CPS".

According to Scientology founder and self acclaimed guru Lafayette Ronald Hubbard; Psychiatry and those who practice in it's "industry of death" are degraded and de-naturalized citizens of this galaxy or at least this "sector" of it. To this end, these people want nothing other than to endanger the spiritual benefits of others to prevent them from flying around in space or seeing their buddy Tom Cruise without having to wait in line for pesky things like tickets.


Scientology "Minister" Ben Kasle child lover

I saw this today on the KYPost from a friend and thought how fitting for my first discussion of religious non-sense?

"A man was arrested today for having sex with a teenager at the Church of Scientology in downtown Cincinnati today."

The story goes that Scientology "Minister" Ben Kasle used his ministerial "touch assist" on a young teenage girl of fourteen years of age to induce her to have sexual relations with him the course of nearly two years. What a complete sicko eh folks? Looks like Scientology is getting into the mix, now there's a sexual assault scandal involving Scientology. Wonder how long it'll be before the other cults like Hari Krishna's get in on the young child sex-fare as well. article on this story